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On changing the procedure for handling cargo arriving by air transport in customs transit and subsequently departing by air transport

Dear Clients!

Please be informed about a change in the procedure for handling cargo arriving at JSC CTP by air transport in customs transit and subsequently departing by air transport:

1.            Transit cargo is received and handled on weekdays from 10:00 to 20:00 (taking into account the delivery time established by the customs office at the point of exit) in the permanent customs control area equipped for accommodating motor vehicles. See the attachment for layout reference.

2.            Pre-flight inspection of goods to ensure compliance with the air and transport security requirements shall be performed upon application for cargo handling and declaration of cargo shipment security.

3.            The originator shall submit scanned copies of the below documents one (1) working day (24 hours) before the goods delivery date:

- goods declaration in conformity with the re-export procedure (EK-31) serving as a basis for their exit beyond the boundaries of the Russian Federation;

- details of the vehicle to be used for carrying the goods under the customs transit procedure (license plate number, make, model) up to the area of JSC CTP;

- air waybill (AWB), pursuant to which air transportation of the goods was formalized;

- transit declaration (if the document is available one (1) day before the cargo arrival at Pulkovo);

Electronic address for submitting the information:

With respect,
JSC Cargo Terminal Pulkovo