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Use of the safety declaration of consignment in electronic form

Dear Clients!
We inform you about the completion of testing the procedure for issuing a declaration of safety for cargo shipment (hereinafter - the declaration) in electronic form!
From 11/25/2020 the completed declaration with the marks of the inspection service, together with a confirmation of the acceptance of the goods at the warehouse, will be sent to the e-mail of the Agent and the Payer specified during registration in the Personal Account. The completed declaration will also be available in the Personal Account in the invoice card, after receiving the goods at the warehouse.
The completed declaration, sent to you by e-mail, must be submitted to the IDO export, windows No. 5-8 of the dispatch center, together with the air waybill.
From 30.11.2020 in personal accounts, the function of printing the declaration form will be disabled when issuing an application for cargo handling.

Yours faithfully,
JSC "Cargo Terminal Pulkovo"