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Special features of transporting different cargo


About providing the opportunity to choose a payer for terminal services in your personal account

Dear Clients! We inform you about the possibility of choosing the Payer in the personal account of the Cargo Terminal Pulkovo. To add an organization to the list of Payers ...


On the application of a permanent power of attorney to receive cargo in the form of JSC "Cargo Terminal Pulkovo"

Dear Clients! In case of regular receipt of documents and cargo arriving at the address of legal entities, we recommend using a permanent power of attorney in the form of ...


Resumption of international flights

Dear Colleagues!   As you may have noticed, international flights are slowly but surely returning to our lives. And together with them, the possibility of transporting goods in international directions ...


Added section on temporary cargo handling regulations

Dear Clients !   We inform you that for your convenience, technological parameters of the quality of the services provided are posted on our website. Detailed information can be found ...