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Technological parameters of the quality of services provided

Cargo service is carried out in accordance with the rules, instructions and technologies of the CTP, which do not contradict the Air Code of the Russian Federation, regulatory documents of the FAFT, ICAO, IATA.

Decreasing (poisoned) cargo:

The CTP necessarily checks the weight and volume of the cargo taken to the warehouse.
Time of cargo acceptance to the warehouse after the pre-flight inspection: 30 min (up to 1000kg) + 10 min. for every 500 kg of cargo, over 1000 kg.
The end time of receiving transport documents for ready-to-transport goods:
General cargo: 240 min. before the scheduled flight departure;
Cargo transported on aircraft packaging vehicles (ULD): 360 min. before the scheduled flight departure;
Express cargo: 120 min. before the scheduled flight departure.
4. The service time of the Agent (shipper) from the moment of placing the request for cargo processing in the electronic queue until the end of receiving the cargo to the warehouse: 180 min.

Incoming (received) cargo:

Readiness of cargo/documents for delivery to the recipient:
Special cargo no later than 180 minutes from the moment of arrival of the aircraft (during working hours);
Standard cargo no later than 360 minutes from the moment of arrival of the aircraft (during working hours).
2. Delivery of the cargo no later than 60 minutes from the moment the consignee is called to the administrator of the dispatch center.