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Features of transportation of various cargoes

Live animals are accepted for transporting if the shipper provides a number of special veterinary documents. You can find more specific information about such shipment at the veterinary control station, which is located on the grounds of Cargo Terminal Pulkovo JSC.

We will gladly answer your questions about cargo shipping.
Cargo Department of Sales and Logistics
Daily from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm Tel. +7 (812) 380 69 30, +7 (812) 336 27 72

Please note: if you sent a live animal to St.Petersburg as a baggage (without issuing cargo AWB), all the information regarding its receiving shall be requested from “Pulkovo Information Service” +7 (812) 337-38-22, +7(812) 337-34-44 or at the excess baggage stand of Pulkovo Airport