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Special features of transporting different cargo


Dear customers and colleagues!

In the period from 02/23/2023 to 02/26/2023, due to the replacement of an Internet provider on the territory of the CTP(Cargo terminal Pulkovo), failures in the work of personal accounts, ...


The new service of the Cargo terminal Pulkovo

Dear partners! We inform you about the new service: "Performing a complex of operations for processing the decreasing cargo before its transfer to the warehouse", provided upon your request and ...


New personal account information

Dear customers! We inform you that the problems with logging into your personal account have been fixed. A new link to go to the personal account of the cargo terminal ...


Личный кабинет АО "Грузовой терминал Пулково"

Уважаемые коллеги, добрый день!   Информируем Вас, что с 21 мая 2022 года АО «Грузовой терминал Пулково» начинает финальный этап тестирования альтернативной производственной системы.   В связи с этим просим ...